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Wholesale 2 dozen  of Arm Cuffs with Floral Embroidery in 6 Colors

Wholesale 2 dozen of Arm Cuffs with Floral Embroidery in 6 Colors

$24.00 $142.00

Wholesale two Dozen  Arm Cuffs with Floral Embroidery includes 2 packs of Each Color

  • Each package includes 2 Cuffs
  • Protect your Garment Sleeves
  • Instantly add Sumptuous Flair and Modesty to your Attire
  • 3 ways to wear - under or over a garment with either end at the wrist
  • One size fits most ladies.

Embroidered arm cuffs add a dash of classic feminine flair. Easy to wear 3 different ways... simply pull on over the arm and tuck the sleeve in, or underneath a sleeve allowing the lace to extend past the wrist. 

The Cuffs are double layered - inside solid black polyester lining covered in a layer of organza with gorgeous floral embroidery. One end has a simple black elastic band with a tiny ruffle and color accented edging. The other end features the lace embroidered pattern on a scalloped edge 1.5" past an elastic band. The cuff can be worn with either end at the wrist. The flowers are embroidered with a very soft golden metallic tread outlined in a main satin stitch color. The entire length of the arm cuffs are 7.5".


NOTE: In order to offer these deep discounts there are no customizations; the sets come as they are pre-packaged. Additionally, we do not accept partial returns of a dozen/set; only entire dozens or sets, exactly as they are pre-packaged, can be returned.

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