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1 Dozen Combo of white Shawls + FREE Dozen White Tube Caps! 1

Wholesale 2 dozen of Mixed White Shawls 3 Different Design

$48.00 $142.00

The Mixed White Shawls 2 Dozen includes  3 different designs 4 of each design.

1-The Snow White Stretchy Ribbed Shawl makes a great headwrap, or can be worn around the neck or waistline. The tiny ribbed lines (one every 1/4") of the fabric are see-through, but when worn as a headscarf it is wrapped around overlapping. The fabric is a knitted weave rayon, which is a very light-weight, bright, lustrous shiny material. The shawl measures approximately 60" (152.4 cm) long by 18" (45.72 cm) wide, the length will stretch up to 72" (182.88 cm) and the width will stretch up to 23" (58.42 cm).

2-Georgette Shawl White makes a super light hijab for a comfortable all-day wear. The 100% poly fabric has a smooth texture with a crisp feel to the touch, so it does not slide. The white Georgette Shawl measures approximately 62" x 21".

3-The Twill Shawl fabric is 100% cotton double-thread weave, which makes diagonal lines or ribs in the material that alternate in rows. The fabric is soft, has a tight weave that is opaque or not able to be seen through. The generous size is approximately 73 inches (185.42 cm) long by 28 inches (71.12 cm) wide with a half inch fringe. Machine washable in cold water or dry clean, low iron.


NOTE: In order to offer these deep discounts there are no customizations; the sets come as they are pre-packaged. Additionally, we do not accept partial returns of a dozen/set; only entire dozens or sets, exactly as they are pre-packaged, can be returned.

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