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Salam Gradient Shawl with Tassles #1 Red

Wholesale 2 dozen Salam Gradient Shawls 12 Colors

$78.00 $198.00

Wholesale 2 dozen Salam Gradient Shawls 12 Colors selected from among the ones displayed on this page (Sorry, but no personal customization is allowed)


The Salam Gradient Shawl features color that graduates from a rich hue to a light shade along the width of the shawl. The 70% cotton/30% polyester fabric has a crinkle zigzag pattern, and a one-way stretch in the width of the shawl. One end of the shawl has four tassels topped with a 9mm silver bead. The tassels are detachable for laundering.

The size is approximately 71" (180.34 cm) x 18" (45.72 cm), with a stretch capacity up to 23" (58.42 cm) wide for easy wrapping. All edges are serged.

NOTE: In order to offer these deep discounts there are no customizations; the sets come as they are pre-packaged. Additionally, we do not accept partial returns of a dozen/set; only entire dozens or sets, exactly as they are pre-packaged, can be returned.

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