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Cotton Supreme Maxi Headband 12 Colors 1 dozen 1

Wholesale Set of 36 (3 dozen )Cotton Supreme Maxi Relaxed Fit Headband in 12 Colors -1 dozen

$24.00 $174.00

One dozen Cotton Supreme Maxi Relaxed Fit Headbands in 12 different colors from among the color samples illustrated on this page.

Cotton Supreme Maxi Relaxed Fit Headband under-scarves are an 80% cotton/20% super-soft polyester blend with minimal stretch. The Headbands measure 23" in circumference, ideal for ladies with very thick and full hair or somewhat larger than average heads. (Note: The circumference could be shortened fairly easily by folding in and stitching down the narrow back seam.)

Headbands help scarves, shawls and Amira hijab hoods stay in place, keep hair from slipping out, and add a lovely accent of color with the ever-popular layered look. Muslim women can easily expand their hijab wardrobe by keeping a set of different colors on hand. Mix, match and layer them!

NOTE: In order to offer these deep discounts, no customizing of color choices may be made. We do not accept partial returns of a dozen/set. Only entire dozens or sets, returned exactly as they are pre-packaged, can be accepted.

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